Your Basic Guide to Smartphone Travel Photography

One of the best ways to keep memories of your travels is by taking photos. However, carrying a DLSR around your neck can be a problem, especially when you’re out to complete your things-to-do list in Melbourne, Australia or Paris, France. That’s why most people often take pictures using their smartphone cameras instead. Not only are they easy to pack, but the newest models also carry amazing features for capturing images of your entire vacation. But are they great for travel photography?

Whether you have an Android or an iPhone smartphone, you can use your mobile phones to capture, edit, and even share your photos. To help you learn how to do it, here are a few travel photo tips to capture your precious moments.

Understand your smartphone’s limitations

Most smartphones boast about the feature that makes them distinct from their competitors. However, none of them discusses their limitations to consumers. That’s why aside from knowing what your smartphone can do, it’s also best to understand the things that it can’t do. Digital Trends suggests that most smartphones are too small to carry the same optical zoom as a DSLR lens. What it does is that it only crops the image for a pixelated close-up, which damages the quality of the image. So, it’s best not to zoom in to your subject and try to capture others that are much nearer to you instead.

Wipe the lens

It’s relatively common to get your smartphone lens dirty at some point. Since it’s always in your bag or your pocket, dirt tends to stick to the glass which can affect the quality of the images. That’s why Smartphone Photography Training often suggests wiping the lens before taking a photo. Bear in mind that some of the best shots happen at a fleeting moment, so it’s best to always to wipe the lens clean to avoid any blurred or smudgy images.

Download the best camera apps

One of the quickest ways to utilise your smartphone camera is by using a reliable third-party camera app to take photos. Most non-native camera applications have features that can produce great images. Although your phone’s default app is excellent for casual shots, you can make better travel photos by using an advanced camera app to take pictures.

Have a portable charger

a group of friends travelling

Bear in mind that using your phone camera excessively can drain the battery much faster than it should. Also, poor reception and heat can impact your phone’s battery life, which is essential when you’re travelling. Keep a portable charger with you always even when you’re using it to take amazing shots. It’s also highly advisable to turn the power save mode on or even turning the airport mode on to help conserve energy.

These are just a few of the things that you can consider when taking travel photos even when you’re overseas. It’s always best to protect your phone always by putting it in a case to protect it from any accidents, but you also need to consider how you use your phone’s available energy.

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