Be Smart When Planning for Your Summer Trip This Year

It may not be your biggest concern to have smooth and hairless legs to flaunt during winter. As the season passes, however, you know summer is only a few months away. By then, it’s all short skirts, dresses, and shorts that show off the state of your legs. Before the waxing stations overflow with bookings, you need to think about your options for a summer-ready body. More importantly, you need to start planning that trip. Here are some reminders:

To Wax or Not to Wax

Ladies who need to look good for work or personal engagements are now familiar with the waxing routine. You’re encouraged to let your hair grow a little to make it easier for them to stick to the wax. This means every three or so weeks, you are due for another visit at the waxing salon to keep your hair in peak smooth condition. For a lady who is busy, however, this is not the only option. You can go hairless for longer if you consider laser hair removal, a treatment that is popular in Draper. You’ll be beach ready in a short time and you’ll be able to flaunt your tan without having to go back to the salon for another round of painful waxing.

Self-tanning is a Hit or Miss

Woman applying sunscreen lotionIt doesn’t matter if you have beach plans or not. In summer, everyone wants a tan. For those who have the weekend to spare, this means a quick trip just to relax before you get back to work sporting a tan. For those who do not have plans, this means staying at home and working on their tan with the help of bottled solutions. Even those headed to the beach and planning to stay longer, thanks to their vacation leaves, may choose to self-tan in preparation. The problem with doing it yourself is you never quite get the results you want. There’s the horrible orange complexion to worry about, and the uneven patches of skin in areas you couldn’t reach properly. Even worse, you might stain your clothes and bed in the process. If you must have a tan, let the experts do it for you.

Last-minute Trips Cost More Money

You are not getting any plus points for planning a trip at the last minute. Instead, your credit card is receiving critical hits due to the peak season prices you have to pay for accommodations and other travel expenses. If you love the beach, go ahead and start booking now that there are still plenty of options. You might be left with only the most expensive choices if you plan the same weekend you want the trip to happen. Don’t even think of winging a trip in such a busy season. You do not want to travel all the way to the beach without sure accommodations. It may be a fun story to tell years later, but it will not be fun while it’s happening.

Everyone goes on vacation mode in summer. You want to have fun and no one can stop you. That doesn’t mean you can’t plan in advance and do it wisely.

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