4 Things You Need to Know about Ordering Custom Cakes

When we order something online, we usually think of dreary warehouses. But that’s not the case for cakes. Many traditional bakeries now have websites to expand their reach. Ordering custom made cakes online is just as good as commissioning a baker down the street.

But with so many options on the market, one can easily get overwhelmed. The choices run from your run-of-the-mill supermarket cakes to elaborate custom artisanal cakes. If you’re thinking of ordering a cake online, here are a few things you should bear in mind:

1. Communicate your request properly

When ordering custom-made cakes online, you should let them know exactly what you want. Some websites only have a box where you type in your instructions, while others will call you to place your order. Start by telling them what’s it for, and general details like colors, flavors, and the like.

For wedding cakes, it’s a good idea to provide swatches to match the cake with the decor. You also have to give an approximate number of guests and the deadline. If you want a cake in a particular style, you can provide photographs as reference. More information is better when dealing with a baker. Lastly, ask the baker if they allow tastings before final delivery.

2. Be patient

We’ve all seen cake shows where the baker has to create a showstopping cake from scratch in a few hours. Television is different from real life, however. Unless you want store-bought cake, a customized cake, even a simple one, will always take time to make. For simple cakes, order at least a week before the delivery date. More elaborate cakes for special occasions require a turnaround of at least a month, more during the holidays. Ordering a few days or even on the day of the event is the best way to end up with supermarket cake. The more time you allow a baker to plan your cake, the better the result will be.

3. Be realistic about your budget

1st birthday cake

Don’t compare the price of a supermarket cake to that of a custom cake. Supermarket cakes are mass-produced and are formulated to minimize costs. Some bakers will give you an estimate depending on the size, but be flexible when budgeting for a custom cake. You can set a budget ceiling, but don’t try to lowball the baker as it can result in an inferior product.

Remember that the cake is designed and explicitly baked for you. Special requests such as additional tiers, garnishes, styling, and flavors can add to the cost of the final product. Write down a list of your requests and ask the baker if this is doable within your budget.

4. Plan the delivery

Some bakers have the option of delivery at an extra cost, while others will ask you to pick up the cake. Large, elaborate cakes require special movers for delivery. If there’s not enough space in your car, you have to hire a delivery truck. The cake might also require refrigeration during transport and upon arrival. Allot a few hours for moving and transportation.

A special occasion calls for a special cake. Whether it’s for a birthday party, a wedding, or even Australia Day, ordering a cake is a great way to make your celebration into an unforgettable one.

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