How to Go Healthier When Eating at a Fast Food Restaurant

These days, more people are getting conscious of what they consume and put inside their bodies. Health definitely is wealth, and with the choices that we have today when it comes to food, it can be pretty easy to get a number of diseases and illnesses if you don’t watch what goes inside your system.

Below, we will discuss some of the things you should always remember so you can stay healthy even when eating at fast-food restaurants. Make sure to apply these tips the next time you eat fries or even a burger in Singapore:

Lighten it up Without Eliminating the Flavour

You don’t have to go for the bland types of food just to be a lot healthier. You can still go for the occasional unhealthy route, but make sure not to overdo it. For example, if you are eating a salad, make sure not to pour all of the salad dressing. Dip the veggies or fruits onto the dressing before each bite so you would not have to deal with large portions. You should also remember to go for healthier options such as oil-based dressings including balsamic vinaigrette or Italian instead of cream-based sauces such as ranch and blue cheese.

Choose Healthier Ingredients

If you are planning on ordering and eating pizza, then you might want to go for healthier toppings such as veggies and white meat. Avoid going for a deep-dish pizza, as this contains high amounts of fat and cholesterol. For sandwiches and burgers, opt for filling it in with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions instead of cheese or bacon. Steer clear of anything that has high salt content, as this can hugely affect your blood pressure and heart health.

Know how it’s Cooked

Knowing how food is prepared or cooked can have a huge impact on your diet. If you can, try to avoid food that is deep-fried. Go for grilled, broiled, or steamed, as this does not contain too much oil compared to deep-fried food. You should also go for lean meats such as chicken breast and tenderloin. Avoid pork, especially bacon, if you are trying to keep your cholesterol and blood pressure at a safe level. You can even ask the cook or chef to grill it for you instead of frying, so don’t hesitate to ask every time you order.

Don’t Order too Much

Assorted food

Avoid ordering too much even if you’re starving. Your first response would be to eat everything on the table, which is why it is important to practice portion control. Order just one serving of appetizer, main dish, and dessert, and opt for water instead of carbonated drinks or juices, as these contain huge amounts of sugar and calories.

A lot of fast-food chains will tempt you to order several amounts of food through deals and promos, but you should never fall for these. You most likely would not be able to finish it all anyway, so save your money and time by ordering only what you think would be reasonable.

As long as you have enough discipline and control, you can go ahead and eat at your favourite fast-food chain. Don’t deprive yourself of it, as you deserve this after all that hard work that you have done recently!

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