Your Next Big Adventure Is In Eastern Cape

If you have been talking about going to South Africa, but aren’t sure where the perfect place for you is, then you should consider the Easter Cape. Firstly you will be looking at getting the best accommodation you can, luckily you can check out holiday specials and find the perfect place for you. Who knows, you might end up choosing another location – South Africa has so much to offer!

Back to Eastern Cape for now.


No kidding that elephants are big, bold, and beautiful. They are something that people travel to South Africa from all over the world to see in their natural habitat. There is an amazing safari, Addo Elephant Back Safari. It is located on the border of the greater Addo Elephant National Park. As a guest, you will be offered the chance to spend time interacting with these beautiful creatures in the natural surroundings. You can walk with them and their handlers through the bush. You’ll also get a lot of information about the gentle giants and their environment too. These elephants are even more wonderful as they escaped the culling program at Kruger National Park. 

Camdeboo National Park

If you are a lover of nature and a good walk, then Camdeboo is going to be the place for you. It stretched over a huge almost 19500 hectares and also included the town of Graaff-Reinet and the Sneeuberg Mountains. One of the areas of the park you are most likely to fall in love with is the Valley of Desolation. Pillars of rock, formed by erosion, reach up to a huge 120 meters! 

If you also enjoy the chance to spot some wildlife, there is a range here from Springbok to the Cape Mountain Zebra. 

Drostdy House

You can combine Camdeboo National Park with Drostdy House, as the building is located in Graaff-Reinet. The building was erected in 1806 by French architect Louise Michel Thibault. It was designed to serve as the magistrate’s court of the region; however, the house is now a hotel and a small museum. 

Cathedral of St. Michael and George

This cathedral is based in Grahamstown, which is nicknames ‘The City of Saints’ as it has over 40 religious buildings. The Cathedral of St. Michael and St. George boasts the tallest spire in South Africa, and it is an impressive 53.6 meters tall. It first opened in 1830 and was a point of refuge for women and children during the Xhosa Wars. It is also where the first church bells in Africa where hung, which happened in 1879.

Nahoon Beach

If you are looking for some Vitamin Sea on your travels, then Nahoon will be somewhere you can’t miss. This beach forms part of the Buffalo City coastline. There are a lot of activities you can do here, surfing, hiking, kite surfing, and fly fishing are just a couple. 

The Eastern Cape is a gorgeous mix of history, wildlife, and stunning natural scenery. Ideal for anyone who has a taste for the beautiful.

The ultimate destination for travel enthusiasts and families seeking unforgettable adventures worldwide.

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