Why Organization Is Key When Moving House

There is one major reason that people don’t tend to move house that much: it is ridiculously stressful. It is human nature that we want to put down roots and settle down when we reach a certain age. You might be happy renting in your twenties and being free to move locations without any ties. But once you have a steady job and you can see your pals finding their way on the housing ladder, you want to get in on the action. Think about how you can get yourself on the first rung of the property ladder. If you already have your own home and you’re keen to sell up, you need to be organized and ready. Take a look at why being organized can cut the stress from your house move.


The thought of packing up your life into brown boxes can fill you with dread. Get it wrong, and your house move can be more stressful than it needs to be. You need strong double-walled boxes, good packaging like bubble wrap and tissue paper, and an excellent labeling system. This will help when you are moving your belongings into your new pad. You can set them down in the rooms where they need to be unpacked rather than succumbing to unnecessary panic not knowing where anything is. If you are nervous about packing your heirlooms and delicates, consider visiting this website and employing the services of movers who will take care of all the packing, and even the unpacking, for you. This can ease your stress immeasurably.


Even though we are in the twenty-first century and being online and interconnected is the order of the day, paperwork is still conducted in an old school way when it comes to your property lawyer. You need to fill your fixtures and fittings forms out by hand and get them sent back via snail mail to your solicitor. Conveyancers often get a bad rep for not moving things along fast enough. But, this is often because buyers and sellers of homes don’t fill their paperwork quickly. They place it in a drawer and forget about it as life gets in the way. Being disorganized could even risk your house sale as people further up the chain can become frustrated by the lack of urgency. As soon as you get a form, fill it out and send it back on the same day.


If you have a small brood that you also need to move, things can become very fraught. When kids are bored, they will misbehave. Get organized and ensure that they don’t have time to become frustrated. If they are old enough, give them the responsibility to pack up their own room (with guidance, of course.) This can help them focus on the task at hand, and they will feel empowered and more in control of their belongings. For little ones, make sure you pack an extra box full of healthy snacks, travel games, and tablets. Come moving day, having your children preoccupied with something will allow you more time to chase up the bank, the solicitors or the mortgage lender.

Forget about being stressed when you move house and follow this guide to flex your organization muscles.

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