Welcoming 2019: Meaningful Resolutions for Improving Yourself

The year is about to end! As 2018 draws to a close, we should take some time to look back on the things that happened in our lives during the year. While doing so, let’s not only celebrate our many accomplishments but also learn from our various failures. Then, we all can look forward to the brand-new year and set our sights on bettering ourselves!

So for 2019, let’s strive to come up with more critical New Year’s resolutions to become better versions of ourselves. Take a look at three great suggestions below to help yourself get started on your resolutions:

Take Meaningful Trips Abroad


As it promises to be fun and exciting, traveling can help you better yourself. Hitting the beach, going on shopping sprees, or trying different cuisines are just some of the enjoyable activities that probably come to your mind when thinking about a trip. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this, but why not travel with the primary goal of gaining more enriching and meaningful knowledge and experiences instead? You can, for example, go on a spiritual LDS tour in Israel to see and learn more about places with historical and religious significance. Or you can plan a trip to Tanzania so that you can spend time at nature and wildlife reserve as well as immerse yourself in the local culture.

Participate in Charitable Activities

Doing charitable work on a regular basis is one worthy endeavor that will surely help you become better. With charity work, you’ll be able to do something worthwhile with your time and also get a chance to make other people’s lives better in the process. You can, for one, always donate stuff like clothes, toys, and food to charitable institutions. Better yet, you can volunteer at an orphanage, retirement home, or soup kitchen to help care for—or even just entertain—the people there. If you have special skills, you can share them as well. Healthcare professionals, for instance, can become first aid or CPR volunteers at the American Red Cross.

Reconnect with Your Family and Friends

Lastly, you don’t always have to go far or assist other people to help yourself become a better you. Chances are you have a family member or friend whom you’ve lost contact with or have a rift with, and now is probably the time to do something about it. Visit the people, say some cousins or childhood friends, you haven’t seen or talked to in many years. If you don’t have the time, however, a phone call— hopefully now and then—will already do. And for those you’re not on good terms with, be the one to offer an olive branch even if you’re honestly not the one at fault to give everyone the opportunity to have a fresh start and rebuild the relationship.

So let’s end 2018 by acknowledging both our accomplishments and failures and learning from them. Then, let’s begin 2019 by setting meaningful goals that will help us become better versions of ourselves and lead much better lives.

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