Use These Tips for a Long-term Trip to Indonesia

Traveling for an extended period of time is a different experience to going on vacation for a week or two. When you travel for longer, either staying in one place or backpacking around, you have more time to explore your destination of choice. You can get to know the place, use your time to make friends, and maybe even pick up some of the local language. If you’re thinking of an extended trip, Indonesia is the ideal place to explore. It might not be the largest country in the world, but there’s still plenty to see and do. Whether you go for a few weeks, a few months or perhaps even longer, you can plan an incredible trip.

Check the Visa Rules

Before traveling anywhere, you should check what you need to do to get into the country and to stay for the purpose and length that you want to. The longer that you want to stay in a country, the more likely it is that you need a visa. You will also usually need a visa if you’re doing anything other than visiting for pleasure, such as working. If you’re going for up to 30 days, you are unlikely to need a visa, although it depends on your nationality. Make sure that you have six months left on your passport, even if you’re only going for a few weeks. If you decide to extend your trip past 30 days, you can get a visa on arrival as long as your nationality is included in the exceptions.

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Deciding where you’re going to go in Indonesia is probably going to be your next step after thinking about how long you want to go for and why you want to go. There are many different options for you to explore, and you might choose your options based on what you want to do with your time there. You might first want to consider whether you will choose one destination or move around to try and see more of the country. You have a wide variety of options, from city environments like Jakarta to islands like Bali.

Plan an Itinerary

When you have an idea of where you might want to go, you can decide how long you might stay in different places and how you’re going to use your time. When you’re going to Indonesia for a longer trip, you might not want to play every minute. However, you can still outline where you’re going to be and when. Some things to consider when you’re planning your itinerary include your budget and what you want to get out of your trip. Do you want to see as many different places as possible or spend longer in fewer places?

Find a Place to Stay

Your next task is to find somewhere to stay. You might only look at a place to stay for only your first few nights if you’re someone who prefers to leave their plans a bit more flexible. Once you arrive in Indonesia, you can make further plans depending on how you feel. The way you approach your accommodation will depend on how long you want to stay in one place. You could even be looking at Rumah Dijual Murah and other property website options if you need a long-term accommodation option. There are many different options for somewhere to stay, from hostels and hotels to apartment and host families.

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Some people want to use their time traveling to simply have fun and experience new things. However, you might want to give your trip to Indonesia more purpose. Working or volunteering could be two ways that you choose to use your time if you’re planning a long trip. A popular option everywhere for working abroad is teaching English. If you wanted to volunteer in Indonesia, you could consider a conservation project if you’re interested in animals or the environment. Or you might think about working with a community project, such as an educational program.

Work Out How to Get Around

Getting to Indonesia is your first task, but once you arrive, you need to think about how you’re going to get around the country. When you’re planning journeys by plane or boat, be sure to put safety first. Although you might want to save money, the cheapest options won’t necessarily be the best ones. You can check online if you want to know the reputation and the safety rating of a company before you book. You might also travel by road, especially around cities, and Uber is available to get around. Buses and trains are also options for traveling around the country.

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Indonesia is relatively inexpensive for travelers, so sticking to a budget doesn’t need to be difficult. Of course, you might be willing to spend a little more money for the sake of a bit more comfort. In addition to creating a budget for your trip, you should also consider how to handle your money while you’re in Indonesia. You might take traveler’s checks, use your bank card or even open a bank account in Indonesia if you’re staying for a particularly long time. You should consider fees and exchange rates that might apply when you exchange money.

Plan for Safety

It’s always important to stay safe when you’re traveling. Indonesia is generally safe, although there are some issues to consider, similarly to many other countries. Being aware of scams or of pickpockets will help you to stay safe and to keep your money and possessions safe too. Paying attention to your personal safety as you would anywhere else is essential, especially at night. It’s especially important to be careful on the road, especially if you’re on a bike and are visibly carrying a bag, which could be used to pull you off. Another thing to be wary of is alcohol that isn’t legitimate.

If you plan to go on a longer trip to Indonesia, you don’t have to plan everything to the letter before leaving. However, it is smart to prepare yourself.


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