Glamping is for Laid-Back Adventurers

Glamping is an activity for those who want to break free from their day jobs and experience the beauty of nature with a twist. Whether you’re an Instagram-conscious individual or a seasonal backpacker, you’ll enjoy this laid-back activity together with your loved ones. You don’t need to go to European countries to try glamping, in Southern California alone, there are several great glamping destinations you may want to try.

Glamping is an adventure minus the camping gears

Leaving behind some important camping gears like a paracord is stressful for most seasonal backpackers. But if you’re going out glamping, you may want to give your trustworthy camping momentarily stuffs a break. When you go glamping, you may either want to bring your mountaineering backpack or just a regular suitcase full of fancy glamping essentials. Packing all the clothes you love will satisfy your Instagram followers with all of your outfit of the day (#ootd).

Regardless of the weather condition and depending on the accommodation you’ll have, you can pack all the clothes you feel like wearing while enjoying nature. Glamping doesn’t restrict you from wearing snappy mountaineering suits all you have to do is to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Glamping sites are often managed and controlled to ensure peace of mind. Glamping sites offer amenities like tents complete with comfortable beddings, common washrooms, and activity area where you can comfortably dine out with the family. There are also luxurious glamping sites that look like you’ve booked in a posh suite surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Southern California glamping sites you may want to try

Friends in a camping tripIn the U.S. alone, glamping has become popular to millennials especially for shutterbugs who always want to keep their Instagram followers updated. There are many glamping destinations in the U.S., but you may consider the top glamping sites in Southern California if you want a luxurious, yet refreshing nature-filled glamping experience. Aside from the basic comfy canvas tents, there are also glamping site destinations in the state that offer home-like amenities. For example, Shelter Co. can help you have a worry-free glamping experience by setting up all the camping details you need. All you have to do is have fun with your family; there are glamping site operators that can help you have a relaxing outdoor experience.

The El Capitan Canyon has hotel-like accommodations that offer a gorgeous view of rolling hills and oak trees. They also have canvas tents for an exciting glamping experience.

Nowadays, glamping is not only restricted for relaxations and weekend family getaways. Some people do glamping to celebrate special occasions like corporate retreats, weddings and birthdays. Glamping operators often have housekeepers and staffs, so guests don’t have to worry about bugs and other inconveniences brought by regular camping.

Glamping is worth considering whether you’re a seasonal backpacker or someone looking for a relaxing getaway. Unlike traditional backpacking, glamping allows you to bring all the clothes you want to wear outdoors for Instagram-worthy selfies. It’s comfortable, yet it will enable you to experience the beauty of nature.

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