5 Ways to Pack More Efficiently for Your Next Trip

Packing may seem like a simple task, but when you do it improperly, you could end up losing your things or paying for expensive overweight luggage fees, bringing the first day of your trip to a rough start. That’s why it’s essential to learn how to pack your suitcases the smart way if you want to arrive at your affordable hotel accommodation and get on with your trip to London or any other destination without any issues.

To help ensure you bring all your valuables and enjoy a worry-free trip, here are six efficient ways to pack more efficiently:

Think Big, and Then Adjust

Compile all the garments that you think you may need for the trip and place the half of the back to your closet. It’s best to pack more tops than bottoms as you can reuse pants or skirts for different outfits. When you’ve chosen the garment you want to bring, settle for a 22-inch suitcase, which can also double as a carry-on. This type of bag can fit two pants, sweaters, dresses, and up to five shirts.

Rolling vs. Folding Garments

There are two ways you can place your clothes into a suitcase — folding and rolling. Folded clothes are less likely to get wrinkled but usually take up more space. In contrast, rolled clothing will wrinkle when placed improperly, but only takes up a fraction of the room inside your bag. It’s best if you roll softer garments, such as knitwear, cotton pants, jeans, underwear, t-shirts, and fold stiffer fabrics like blazers or dress pants.

Go For Wrinkle-Resistant Fabrics

Clothes made from soft materials such as wool, cotton, and knits are often wrinkle-resistant, allowing you to pack them without much worry. They’re also versatile, meaning they can do double duty, such as using your yoga pants as pajamas. You can roll garments made from wrinkle-resistant fabrics in any way you like, but remember to roll it tightly, since loose rolling can result in wrinkles, no matter the clothes’ materials.


Arrange Clothes Systematically

When arranging your clothing, make sure you place your softer and rolled items first at the bottom of the suitcase. Next, add the longest folded items you have like skirts or dress pants on the middle layer by stacking them on top of each other. You can conserve more space by laying them following the length of your suitcase while draping the leftover fabric over their opposite ends. Finally, if you’re packing belts, place them around the sides of your bag, taking as little space as possible.

Packing Shoes and Toiletries

It’s best to pack light when it comes to shoes, as they take up much space. Consider bringing casual loafers, sneakers, and evening shoes to ensure you have the right footwear for any itinerary you may have. It’s wise to wear the heaviest and bulkiest pair of shoes you have and pack the rest on the sides of your bag.

For your toiletries and beauty products, have a designated bag for cosmetics, hair, and skin-related items, then pack them in the sides of your suitcase or an outside pocket.

Strategically packing can be the difference between a harried trip with numerous detours and a smooth journey with all the things you need at your fingertips. No matter what bag you use, you can make the most out of it by following the tips mentioned, allowing you to enjoy your trip with ease.

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