4 Safe and Sunny Summertime Vacation Ideas

Summer is a season for fun outdoor adventures under the blazing sun. However, the ongoing health crisis has put a serious damper on most people’s summer vacation plans. But after weeks or months of enforced quarantine and staying cooped up in your own home, it’s only natural to want to go on a trip. A nice vacation can be just the cure to the feeling of loneliness caused by the prolonged self-isolation and quarantines.

According to a study of people who planned on traveling, 50 percent have chosen to cancel their trips completely. Another 45 percent pared down their travel plans to prevent unnecessary exposure. You can enjoy a summer under the sun as well by taking the right type of trip.

Below are 4 vacation ideas you can consider when you want to have a summer adventure with reduced risk to your well-being.

1. Rent a Beach House

Experts say the best way to avoid getting sick is to decrease contact with other people. According to research, gatherings and events with fewer than 10 people are ideal. This is because more people mean more chances of getting infected. Staying at luxury hotels or chain resorts that cater to dozens if not hundreds of people at a time isn’t ideal when you want a safe vacation.

Instead of booking a room at a hotel, you should rent an entire beach house instead. Thanks to apps like Airbnb, finding ideal and cozy rental homes is easier than ever. You can locate beautiful homes near the sea and stay there for the duration of your trip. Renting a beach house also means you can maintain social distancing and not have to risk touching contaminated surfaces. All the while, you’ll still have unlimited access to the crystal-clear ocean and cool beach breezes.

2. Book an Intimate Cruise

Before the health crisis, cruises were amazing vacation opportunities combining beautiful ocean vistas with the fun of exploring new countries. However, people are understandably hesitant nowadays to climb aboard a ship. The trick is to find the right cruise liners and service who can ensure minimal contact and maintain impeccable hygiene. Intimate cruises are the best way to enjoy the luxury of sea travel with the safety of privacy.

For example, travel agents for Silversea Cruises will tell you all about the benefits of an intimate cruise. These luxurious adventures use small-scale ships that can have as few as 50 suites for decreased onboard populations. Not only does this reduced capacity enable social distancing, but it also means the staff can focus on your needs. You can watch majestic oceanic views from your private cabin in peace and enjoy the thrills as these smaller ships explore harbors that their larger counterparts cannot access.

3. Explore the Outdoors

Kalbarri NP Coastal

What better way to make sure you get maximum sunlight than by spending your summer outdoors? Instead of holing up indoors in a different location, why not stretch your muscles and go camping? The United States is home to 62 national parks which cover millions of acres of woodlands, mountains, and fields. These natural vistas are home to untold wonders and discoveries just waiting for adventurous travelers.

Your accommodations can vary from site to site, but you’ll generally be able to avoid crowds and the risks inherent to such circumstances. If you prefer a rustic outdoor experience, look into renting a cabin in the national park of your choice. But if you want to take on the wilds and truly live among nature, get your tent and camping gear ready. Either way, you can spend your summer days trekking through pristine forests, exploring winding mountain paths, or relaxing in fields covered in wildflowers.

4. Hit the Road in an RV

Finally, why not consider going on a classic American vacation: the road trip. Only instead of piling into your roommate’s used car, you should aim for comfort and splurge on a recreational vehicle. When you’re traveling across the country in an RV, you won’t have to wonder where is the best place to sit in a plane.

The best RVs must have a few features to ensure your comfort and convenience during your trip. A dinette is ideal so you can enjoy meals inside the vehicle. Look for RVs with plenty of storage space so you can stock up on food and supplies. And don’t forget to find an RV that has plenty of built-in appliances such as a television, refrigerator, and oven.

It’s not impossible for you to have a perfect summer adventure, so long as you choose the right kind of vacation and adhere to basic safety guidelines. So go an explore your options and enjoy a summer under the sun.

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