Why You Should Go Travelling In A Campervan

If you are looking for an amazing and unique holiday, hiring a campervan is a great idea – no matter what your age or stage of life you are in. Wherever you are located in the world, it’s a wonderful way to see the sights whilst having somewhere to rest your head at the end of the night. Many people also quit their jobs and head out on the road on the road in one to travel around – a brave choice which undoubtedly pays off.

When you search online for campervan hire, it’s clear that a myriad of options come up. From campervans that are on the more luxurious side, to cheaper more budget-friendly options, there are campervans out there for all budgets. What you choose, of course, will depend on what you are using the campervan for – i.e. are you staying solely in the campervan and therefore need a shower and a toilet or are you simply driving around in it, finding hotels en route to stay in?

There are also a few things to consider when travelling in a campervan. You’ll need to think if the places you want to travel to have areas that can accommodate campervans and if the campervan has a kitchen in it, that you will have to pick up food along the way. These, of course, are simply minor considerations that won’t take away from the adventure that comes with hiring one.

So what are the main reasons why you should go travelling in a campervan? Here are seven to sink your teeth into:

1. You can discover a new location every day

One great thing about travelling in a campervan is the freedom that it gives you to explore new locations every day of your getaway. Offering the flexibility that many people crave whilst on holiday, you can head out to the mountains one day and to the beach the next. Drive where you want to and stop and sleep where you want. If you have a campervan with a bathroom, you can also extend the time you spend in each place. This is just one of the reasons as to why so many people are turning to campervan holidays, rather than having to stick to strict schedules that come with other types of holidays.

2. Every day is a new adventure

Following on from the above point, every day of your campervan getaway will be a new adventure. From deciding on a new location each day, to spending the days exploring, everywhere you drive to will give you new things to see. Giving you the opportunity to meet new people, eat in amazing landscapes and relax in a bed that’s under the stars, it’s an adventure unlike any other.

3. Everything is within it

As mentioned above, if you choose a campervan that has a bathroom and kitchen as well as a bedroom, you have all that you need within it to travel in both style and comfort. This portable bedroom means that you don’t have to spend out on hotels and can simply react in a space that’s private for you. There are even larger campervans available offering plenty of space, whether you are travelling alone, with a partner or with friends.

4. You can create your own schedule

As mentioned in the first point, travelling in a campervan gives you the flexibility to create your own schedule and drive where you want when you want. Often, people are drawn into holidays that are filled with long and busy schedules, meaning that although they get to see a city or landscape, they have no time to relax and enjoy it to the fullest. A campervan holiday, however, allows you to choose what you want to do. You can spend your holiday stopping and relaxing in each place, taking in the views surrounding you.

5. You can work from it (if you want to of course)

Ok, so this might not be for everyone. Getting away on holiday is all about relaxing after all. But if you do need to work, choosing a campervan holiday gives you the opportunity to work from the road. You will, of course, have to use a WiFi dongle or wait until you are in places that offer WiFi, but it’s always an option for those needing to get work done whilst they are on holiday.

6. You can bring your dog/cat/other pet with you (depending on the hire company of course)

Everyone loves the idea of bringing their pets on holiday with them. With a campervan holiday, you can go on an adventure with them! This will, of course, depend on what company your hire your campervan from but if it is possible, it will give you the freedom to bring them with you without having to worry about getting a dog/cat sitter or putting them into kennels when you are travelling.

7. It’s a cheaper way to travel

Going on holiday and travelling is never thought of as a cheap pastime. However, when you are travelling in a campervan, the cost of travelling will go down! As everything is within the moving home, you won’t have to pay for meals out (unless you want to), for transport, or as mentioned above, somewhere to stay each night. Yes, you will have to consider how much the petrol costs and think about where you park up every night, but apart from that it’s a stress-free holiday. You will also have to consider bringing appropriate breakdown equipment and make sure that the campervan is fully insured.

Those are just some of the reasons as to why so many people around the world love travelling in a campervan. Whether you are planning on travelling around bustling cities or awe-inspiring natural landscapes, it’s a great way to explore new places. No matter how long you travel in one, it guarantees a holiday that you’ll never forget and you will want to relive forever.

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