What You Can Expect From a Coffee Farm

Are you considering visiting the Dominican Republic for an upcoming vacation? If so, you’ll want to make sure you take a Dominican Republic coffee tour and visit a local coffee farm to take a look at the process of creating coffee and cacao. Visitors can take a look at just exactly how coffee is made — from bean to cup.

When guests first arrive at the coffee farm, you can expect to see a plethora of coffee trees. Coffee trees are the green plants that produce coffee cherries, which are the fruit that contain the coffee that you know and love.

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Coffee trees can vary in size, from small shrubs to tall trees. At the coffee farm, you may be able to see a variety of plants that grow these fruits.

While on the property, you may also be able to see where cacao is made. There are often many small grinders on the property, which are a common practice in many forms for creating cocoa.

Not only is seeing the process on a coffee farm an interesting experience, but it may help you be even more appreciative of that daily latte you have in the morning! Be sure to add this unique experience to your travel guide.


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