Touring Somewhere? Don’t Leave Without a Travel Purse

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Traveling is a vital part of living. No matter where you live or what you do, you’ll have the desire to explore the globe (or at least the neighboring state or city). This urge for traveling into the unknown can come from the tiredness of doing the same things repeatedly. Breaking free, even just for a couple of days, can give you the much-needed break from your routine life.

If you’re going to explore cities in your country or abroad, you’ll need a reliable travel purse to make your sightseeing or touring experience hassle-free. As you pack clothes, laptops and other bulky stuff in your suitcase or backpack, you store money and other important items in your travel bag.

What is a Travel Purse?

Shoulder bag, a type of travel purse. | Photo by Alex Shaw on Unsplash

A travel purse is a convenient bag that comes with specially designed compartments. It allows you to secure your valuable items.

Ladies typically use travel purses, as these bags usually come in catchy colors and stylish designs with several pockets and compartments.

Types of Travel Purses

The best travel purses come in different styles. A few of the purses that you can find and purchase on the market are the following:

Shoulder Bags

Many women travel with this purse, as it has a few compartments inside. A shoulder bag is handy and easy to carry. It’s not, however, recommended for use in busy locations. Thieves and other criminals can stealthily cut the travel purse strap to steal your belongings.

Crossbody Bags

You can hold this travel purse diagonally across your body. This means that only one shoulder carries the whole weight of the bag.

Messenger Bags

This purse is similar to a crossbody bag. You can carry a messenger bag with a strap across your body. The difference, however, lies in the purse’s opening mechanism.

A messenger bag usually has a flap that covers the opening. This prevents prying hands from accessing and taking your belongings. As for size, this travel purse is larger than a crossbody bag. If you’re the type of traveler who packs and keeps plenty of important stuff, this purse is right for you.

How to Choose the Best Travel Purse for You

Make sure your travel purse is water-resistant if you’re heading to the beach. | Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Travel purses have certain features that aren’t present in a traditional handbag. When you’re shopping for a reliable travel bag, make sure you take into account these factors:


One of the first things you need to check in a travel purse is the price tag. These bags can range from expensive to cheap. The more expensive travel purses are likely to last longer and contain more features, such as theft protection. On the other hand, the cheap ones won’t last long and look like a run-of-the-mill handbag than a purse suited for traveling.

Main Use

Ask yourself, “How will you be using this travel purse?”

If you’re going on a luxury vacation or exploring big cities, you’ll probably want a bag that can hold everything you’ll need for a day of walking, sightseeing and shopping.

When you have plans of heading to a crowded tourist attraction (or just want to travel light), you may choose a travel purse that’s small, easy to carry and discreet.

Last but not the least, you’ll want a bag with a water-resistant fabric if your purpose of travel is to go to the beach or enjoy an outdoor adventure in the countryside.

Think carefully about your travel plans to determine the appropriate travel purse that you should purchase.

Anti-Theft Features

An anti-theft travel purse can keep your belongings extra safe from people with sticky fingers. When choosing a travel bag, keep in mind these awesome anti-theft features:

  • RFID-Blocking Lining or Pockets – This feature prevents criminals from stealing your sensitive information by blocking your card’s radio-frequency identification (RFID) signal. Some travel purses come equipped with RFID-blocking materials to keep your personal and financial data safe and protected.
  • Slash-Resistant Fabric – Some travel bags contain a special fabric, usually made of steel wire or mesh, which stops pickpockets from slicing through your purse from the outside.
  • Cut-Proof Straps – Just like the slash-resistant fabric, anti-theft travel purses may come with this feature to prevent criminals from cutting the bag off your body and running off with your goods.
  • Locking Zippers – A purse may have built-in locks that keep zippers together while you sit down to eat or walk around in crowded tourist destinations.


Since you’ll be carrying a travel bag with you on your tours or adventures, you’ll need a purse that can accommodate all of your important stuff. Given this, you don’t want something that draws unwanted attention and is a hassle to carry around.

The key is to find a sweet spot: a spacious travel purse with a discreet exterior.

Water Resistance

A water-resistant bag isn’t just a plus when you’re traveling. It’s a necessity when you’re heading to the beach or a country during wintertime or the wet season.

Given that you’ll be carrying important items in your travel purse, you need your belongings to stay dry and protected from the elements. The last thing you want to happen in an unexpected snow flurry or rain shower is to get your bag soggy.

What to Pack in Your Travel Purse

Flying overseas? The passport is one of the essential items that should be in your travel purse. | Photo by Levi Ventura on Unsplash

You can’t carry all of your stuff into your handy travel bag. You’ll have to leave some of your belongings in your luggage or backpack.

If you’re not sure what travel essentials you should pack, take note of the following items:


You can’t buy stuff if you don’t have money. When traveling, remember to check if your wallet contains cash, travel rewards credit cards, debit cards and identity cards.


If you’re flying overseas, you’ll need this travel item inside your bag at all times. Put your passport in an accessible area of your travel purse, so you can grab it easily when needed.

Travel Journal

If you love documenting your experiences, keep a travel notebook that’s small and light enough for you to carry. Make sure you have a pen that goes with that journal, as well.

Portable Charger and Cable

One of the worst travel scenarios that could happen is you’re stuck or stranded with a dead battery on your mobile phone. Keep your smartphone from dying by investing in a quality charger and cable.


One of the most forgotten (and difficult to replace) items by people packing for a vacation is medicines. Although many countries provide similar over-the-counter products, you may be in a pickle if the drugstore or pharmacy is unable to locate the specific prescription drugs you need. So make sure to put your prescription meds and allergy pills in your travel purse.

Bonus Guide: How to Prevent Purse Theft While Traveling

Zip up your travel purse to prevent thieves from snatching your stuff. Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

Regardless of the travel bag you carry, there will always be criminals who want to steal the contents in your bag. When traveling anywhere, take note of these anti-theft tips:

  • Keep the zippers of your travel purse closed. A thief can easily slide their hands on an open bag and make off with your valuables.
  • Stash your money in multiple places. Don’t place all your dollars in your travel purse. Leave some in your luggage and hotel room. You could even buy a money belt and place your cash there.
  • Keep your priority possessions to a minimum. If you’re bringing two phones with you on your travels, leave one in your hotel room. Also, you don’t have to bring all your debit and credit cards with you. Just take a few or a couple of cards, and you’re all set.
  • Always look back. Before you leave the park bench, restaurant, coffee shop or other places, check where you were seated before moving on to your next travel itinerary. This can save you a lot of trouble when you’re searching for forgotten items.

When jetting off to far-flung destinations or driving to the next state, you need a travel purse that can conveniently carry the important stuff you need. Be sure that you’re carrying the right bag, as the purse you take along can make or break your trip.

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