The Trickiest Wedding Planning Dilemmas, Solved

Everyone is well aware that planning a wedding is stressful. What people seldom realise though is why exactly it gets intense until they are already deep into the details of the preparation. Apart from the disagreements coming from your and your partner’s differing tastes and preferences, the stress essentially stems from the fact that there are too many options on your plate, leaving you stuck in a dilemma.

Here are some of those problems and ways you can bust out of them.

Location: Outdoor or Indoor

You’ve probably dreamt of a beach wedding at Sentosa, where your wedding dress dances to movement of the winds while taking in that breathtaking ocean view. At the same time, you also want the atmosphere of long-held traditions reflected in a church wedding or the intimate mood and no-weather-worries indoors. How do you decide with such two great options?

The key is to be especially aware of your priorities as a couple. Which is more important to you, the lovely views or the commitment to traditions? Or, to flip the question, which of the options can you give up wholeheartedly, that without it, you would be able to still sleep soundly at night?

Decide based on your non-negotiables. From there, check out the wedding venues in Singapore so that you and your wedding planner can already envision how you would style and dress it up.

Entertainment: DJ or Band

Mixer, microphone and headphonesThe music can make or break the ceremony. It affects the overall mood of the event. Each has its own pros and cons. For the band option, you have live music to enjoy, but then they could be a little more expensive than the DJs. DJs, on the other hand, would likely have all the songs you’d request, even though the songs wouldn’t be live. You can also count on the emceeing skills of your DJ to hype up the crowd, but then they can also be a party killer if they are not able to jive with the personality of your guests.

The solution to this is to see them both in action. This does not mean crashing another couple’s reception, but rather, ask the band and the DJ to send you videos of their performances. Another solution is to ask for referrals from your social circles.

Food: Plated or Buffet

Plated dinner allows guests to get their food and eat at the same time. On the other hand, buffets give the guests an opportunity to eat more or less and have greater freedom in choosing which food to get. There are lots of considerations when deciding on this aspect.

One is the atmosphere of your ceremony. If you are going to have a black tie event, go for plated, as this matches the formality of the theme. If you are into a more laidback mood, a buffet is the perfect choice because it is a little more informal. One other thing you should consider is the cost. Ask the wedding venue provider how much they are charging for each of your options.

Wedding planning is stressful, precisely because there is a lot of options, good options, to consider. While taking time to make decisions is good, do not be stuck overthinking. List your pros and cons, and weigh based on what is most important to you.

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