Spring Break Destinations: The Popular or Cheapest Places to Visit

When spring breakers descend on a city, expect traffic, noise and all out partying. In most states like Florida and countries like Mexico (where the drinking age is 18), police are on high alert. Combine the recklessness of young people and drinking, and you’ve got a recipe for fights and chaos.

Vacation gone bad, in other words. So it’s important to find the right spring break destinations. But where do you begin? Do you look at the cheapest destinations? Why not start with knowing the spring break destinations for college students.

Where Do Most Spring Breakers Go?

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Spring break originally started in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1938 with a swim event. This could be the reason behind Florida’s popularity as a destination for spring breakers. Most college kids will head to Miami Beach, others will stay in Daytona Beach and Panama City Beach.

Daytona Beach

This Florida city is situated farther south, giving it warmer temperatures during March. Students who have been freezing their bums off may head to Daytona Beach to party and get a tan. Aside from the warm weather, affordable accommodations attract the spring breaker on a budget to Daytona. Although the city doesn’t feature as much posh nightclubs, bars and hotels, it beckons with 20 miles of beachfront places. This includes affordable dining options.

Panama City Beach

Panama City offers more than the usual beachfront fun, although it has 27 miles of beach. The spring break destination also features the Conservation Park wetlands, great for hikes and wildlife spotting — a nice break from all the partying.

Miami Beach

A top spring break destination for college kids who can afford to party in this Florida city. It’s not a cheap place to vacation during spring, but it hosts the most events, like the Miami Beach Pride. The city isn’t all swanky hotels and clubs, so college students can still save by choosing affordable vacation rentals and going to cheaper restaurants.

South Padre Island

Budget options, celebrity hosted events, beach and pool parties (typically lasting for 24 hours) — this spring break location in Texas is popular with college students. So it gets crowded, making it less appealing for families planning spring break trips.

Where is the Cheapest Place for Spring Break?

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A trip during spring break can get costly, depending on where you book your vacation and what you plan to do. For college students, keeping the spending down without sacrificing on the fun is priority. And there are places where partying doesn’t require a fortune.

One of the cheapest places to go for spring break is New Orleans, Mardi Gras central. Aside from the nightclubs, street parties and live music, spring breakers can go on unique tours, walk around the historic districts and indulge in Southern comfort food.

Other cheap places for spring break trips are Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, the Grand Canyon, Daytona Beach, Panama City Beach, the Key West and the Outer Banks in North Carolina. These may also be some of the best spring break places for families because they have a range of activities and sites that are kid-friendly.

What Foreign Country is the Most Popular Spring Break Destination?

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Spring break destinations aren’t limited to the US. Some coeds are likely to head out of the country. And the most popular country spring breakers go to is Mexico since the legal drinking age is 18.

Cancun is a top city for vacations during spring in the US. It has some of the best beaches in Mexico and is home to many historic sites. There are plenty of free things to do as well, from sightseeing in Avenida Kukulkan, which is lined with shops and dining places to enjoying the sugar white sands of Playa Marlin or Playa Delfines.

Other foreign destinations for families and college students are the Bahamas and Italy, both of which can be costly trips.

Choose Your Spring Break Destinations

Spring break dates differ, depending on the location; spring vacation time for coeds in California are not going to be the same as when spring break takes place for college students in New York. But in general, the vacation occurs in March to April, coinciding with Easter holidays.

Since this period is likely to encourage plenty of people to head out of state or the country, it’s smart to plan your trip early on. You’ll have plenty of options to match your budget. To save on accommodations, maybe you could rent a campervan and explore America on-the-road. You could check out budget flights to Mexico or the Caribbean. You could also stay in your city and maybe book a luxurious stay in a hotel for a few days.

Whatever you envision for your spring break, plan early and be safe once you take that trip.

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