Moving to a New City for Work: Why You Should Say Yes

It is not uncommon for people to move to a new city for work. If a good opportunity presents itself, you best grab it as fast as you can before it disappears forever.

A survey of a thousand people revealed that the majority of those who move do so to pursue a better-paying job or advance their careers. It is especially true among adults between the ages of 35 and 34; about 40 percent of them relocated for work.

On the other hand, a smaller percentage moves as part of an assignment or transfer within the company. Some employees are required to temporarily move to a new city to oversee the completion of a project or the operations of a satellite office. It is a short-term relocation, yet they will stay in place for several weeks or months.

Figure Out the Cost

Moving is expensive, especially if your new home is across the country or in another country. Even a short-term relocation would cost a lot of money.

In most cases, the employer will offer a job relocation package that covers almost every part of the moving process, including payment for professional movers and packers, transportation, and, of course, lodging. Some may also receive free childcare services or language classes if the move is international.

There may be employers, however, who would not be willing to pay for the entire household. That is why it is important to clarify what will be included in the job relocation package before accepting the assignment.

Moreover, there might be additional expenses, too. If the lodging is minimally furnished and you want to add more to make the space feel cozy, you can rent sofas and other furniture for your temporary home. The company may also provide a meal allowance or offer to reimburse the cost later on, but not all food expenses will be covered.

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What You Will Gain from the Move

Moving to a new city, whether domestically or internationally, is an opportunity to get to know a place you have never lived before. There is plenty to gain from temporary or short-term work relocation.

As an employee, you get to explore the other side of the company that you do not see very often. You learn more about their roles, work with people who you have only spoken to on the phone and network, and gain new skills that will be useful to advance your career.

As an individual, it is a chance to travel. Although you will be there for work, you still will have the chance to see popular sights and try local restaurants. These experiences will open your mind to new ideas, boost your confidence, make you more sociable, and make you more independent. What is even better, if you are moving abroad, you will return smarter.

One recent study found that living in a foreign city can lead a person to boost self-awareness. Among 1,874 participants, the researchers discovered that those who spent time abroad had better “self-concept clarity,” which is defined as the extent to which a person can clearly and confidently characterize their beliefs and be consistent with them. This concept is associated with positive mental well-being, efficient stress management, and better work performance.

Fun at Work

People who travel for work are stressed out because, often, when they move to a new city, they have dozens of meetings, speak to dozens of people every day, and complete the work they were sent there to accomplish. But, it is also common for employees who travel for work to inject a bit of leisure into the business.

The people in the hospitality sector call it “bleisure,” which essentially is a made-up word that mixes business and leisure. Those who are on a business trip tend to seek opportunities to relax or to party.

In fact, in most cases, leisure is a part of the business trip. The employer provides the employee an extra day to explore the city and interact with people outside the office setting.

So, while in a new city for work, do not be afraid to go out and have fun. You can even add additional days to be a tourist. Your boss might not cover it, but you still should do it to make the most out of the experience.

Many companies send their employees to a new city for work. Some stay there for a long time. Some only relocate temporarily. Those sent to work in a new city should grab the opportunity because it is fun and insightful.

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