Fun Travel Spots To Keep Your Toddler Active

• Hiking trails offer plenty of features to keep toddlers engaged, such as wildlife, streams, and lookout points with panoramic views.

• Trampoline parks have special hours for toddlers with smaller play areas and interactive activities.

• Playgrounds are great for outdoor fun in the local area while meeting other toddlers.

• Take your kids to the aquarium for a memorable experience. It provides a calming atmosphere while introducing toddlers to sea creatures.

• Petting zoos are perfect for animal lovers, providing an opportunity to feed and hug gentle farm animals.

Are you looking for a few fun travel destinations that will keep your toddler active? Whether it’s a hike in the outdoors or an hour of bouncing around at a trampoline park, there are plenty of great places that you and your little one can explore together. Read on for a few of the best travel spots for toddlers!

Hiking Trails

There are so many hiking trails around the country that are perfect for young adventurers. Look for trails that offer plenty of fresh air and natural beauty but also have enough features to keep your toddler engaged throughout the hike. Search for trails with lookout points where they can take in the views, as well as streams they can splash in along the way. But if you don’t know where to start, try these popular hiking trails you can tackle with your toddler:

The Pacific Crest Trail in California

This trail is 2,650 miles long, but you can easily break it up into shorter sections that are suitable for toddlers. The trail offers tons of exciting features, such as wildlife encounters, small waterfalls, and panoramic views of the Pacific Coast.

The Appalachian Trail in the U.S.

This is the longest continuously marked footpath in the world, stretching 2,178 miles along the Appalachian Mountains. It has plenty of features that will keep toddlers entertained, particularly in the form of wildlife and plant life.

The Grand Canyon Rim Trail in Arizona

This is a 12-mile trail that takes hikers from one end of the Grand Canyon to the other. It offers breathtaking views of the canyon and plenty of exciting geological features to explore.

The Lincoln Woods Trail in Rhode Island

This trail is a relatively easy one, perfect for little legs, as it’s only 2 miles long. It offers stunning scenery as well as a few streams where your toddler can play.

No matter which trail you choose, just make sure you’re prepared with plenty of snacks and drinks, as well as insect repellent and sunscreen.

Trampoline Parks

What kid doesn’t love jumping around on trampolines? Many trampoline parks offer special hours specifically designed for toddlers, featuring smaller play areas with fewer guests and special safety rules. You can even find parks with activities like ball pits and foam pits to add some extra fun (and safety) to your child’s experience.

And if you really want your toddler to learn while they’re having fun, find a park with a toddler trampoline session that includes interactive games and activities. It also allows you to sit down, kick back and relax as your toddler enjoys the trampoline park under close supervision from its instructors.



Every city has its own community playgrounds, which are great places to take your toddler if you just want to enjoy some outdoor fun without too much walking or driving involved. Most playgrounds have age-appropriate equipment suitable for toddlers and feature plenty of open space for running free! Playgrounds are also great for socializing, as your child can meet other toddlers in the area and make new friends.


A visit to an aquarium is always a memorable experience, especially when entertaining toddlers! Aquariums often feature interactive exhibits designed specifically for young minds and opportunities to get up close with sea creatures like stingrays and jellyfish. Plus, something about being surrounded by fish-filled tanks seems so calming. Aquariums are also great places to learn about the ocean and marine life, so your toddler can gain some valuable knowledge while having a blast.

Petting Zoos


If your toddler loves animals (as most do), you’re sure to get smiles at a petting zoo! They often feature gentle farm animals like goats, sheep, donkeys, pigs, and chickens—all ready to be fed and hugged by eager little hands! Petting zoos are also a great opportunity to teach your toddler about animal safety and respect.

With so many fun and exciting travel spots to explore with your toddler, you will surely find something that will keep them active and engaged. From hikes in the great outdoors to trampoline parks, playgrounds, aquariums, and petting zoos—there are plenty of options for parents and toddlers alike! So pack up those snacks (and maybe a change of clothes) and prepare for quality time together on your next adventure.

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