Do You Enjoy Being Scared?

A lot of people prefer watching anything but scary movies. In contrast, there are also horror junkies who love going to haunted house attractions and enjoy anything scary. For one thing, we all tend to get scared and terrified of what we see or hear.

The significant difference is that some people experience that kind of thrill – or what we call adrenaline rush – when they watch or experience being scared. So why does this happen? Is this even normal?

Why some people like being scared

This is way different from that feeling of fear due to nervousness or anxiety. Instead, this type of fear can leave horrific imprints in your mind and result in sleepless nights. Before that, we should understand what terror means. For starters, it refers to a feeling or emotion that results in a flight, fight, or freeze response.

You usually feel fear when you find yourself in a stressful and dangerous situation. It might be something that can be life-threatening or anything that will make you feel uncomfortable. Here are possible reasons why there are people who love to have a good scare:

1. Adrenaline rush

Getting scared triggers the release of dopamine and endorphins, which cause a familiar sense of satisfaction and pleasure. Some people can achieve that level of excitement, especially when watching gory horror films.

2. A feeling of safety


Our brain tells us that we will be safe after watching a horror film or going to a haunted house. Horror movies and haunted houses thrive on fictional things, which means that whatever you see or experience won’t likely happen in real life. Thus, it helps people enjoy the experience instead of being traumatized about it. Then again, not all people are fond of scary things.

3. Curiosity

People are naturally curious. No wonder some of them watch horror stuff only out of curiosity. They might be thinking about whether the film is indeed scary and would like to see for themselves.

4. Gender

Research has revealed that men like watching horror films more than women. This can have something to do with social norms: Men are expected to be braver and be women’s knights in shining armor. Men do not want to be branded as scaredy-cats; that is why they are often perceived as more tolerable when it comes to scary stuff.

Dating experts even suggest watching horror movies with your date because it encourages more physical contact when the woman is scared (ex. clinging on to the guy during a horrific scene). Moreover, a study reveals that men like horror movies that feature frightened women. On the other hand, women like scary films that show men who are brave enough to face a frightening character.

In general, watching a horror film is a source of entertainment. However, it might not be for all audiences. Experts also advise parents not to let their kids below 14 years old watch horror movies as they can have adverse effects on their psychological or mental well-being. If you are not fond of anything scary, challenge yourself by watching a horror film or settle for other movie genres instead.

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