Sip in Style: The Top Mexican Tequilas for Every Budget According to Experts

    • There are 5 types of tequila: Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, Extra Anejo, and Cristalino Tequila.
    • The tequila market has a rising yearly consumption trend, and the projections are in line, so it will continue to expand in the coming years.
    • It’s best to serve good quality tequila neat or on the rocks.

Mexican artisans use the blue agave plant to make the world’s well-known alcoholic beverage, tequila. With so many different brands and variations, finding the ideal tequila for your tastes and budget might be overwhelming.

To make your choice easier, we consulted experts and compiled a list of the best Mexican tequilas for various price ranges.

What to Consider When Buying Tequila 

Tequila has a deep and diverse history that matches its flavor depth and scent. The blue agave plant used to make tequila originates from Mexico, where the drinking age is 18, and the agave plants flourish. The agave Maturing process takes between eight to ten years.

Tequila is tasty and is typically rich with fruity, sweet, and earthy flavors with undertones of oak, black pepper, vanilla, citrus, honey, and caramel. However, there are 5 different types of tequila, which are listed below.

Blanco Tequila

Blanco Tequila, also called silver tequila, is a non-colored liquor. It’s generally non-aged, but in some rare cases, it can be barrel-aged for a maximum of 60 days. This tequila type is a classic. Transparent, light, and refreshing! Mix it in your margarita or other cocktails, or just have it straight.

Reposado Tequila

Reposado Tequila, or in translation, rested tequila, has a bold flavor with sweet undertones. It’s usually kept in barrels for two to eleven months, which gives it its color and complex taste. The “resting” adds barrel notes to the core blue agave taste base and gives flavor depth. It’s smoother and less harsh than the Blanco-style tequila. This is the most consumed type of tequila in Mexico.

Anejo Tequila

Anejo Tequila provides an additional coat of complexity and depth by being aged for three years. The aging barrels are most often made of different styles of oak. The longer the tequila is aging, the deeper the taste.

It has an earthy aroma with fruity and sweet notes. The oak gives out undertones of vanilla and brown sugar. If you are in for the spice, this should be your choice. Some of the best Mexican tequilas come in Anejo style.

Extra Anejo Tequila

Extra Anejo Tequila ages more than three years in different barrel types. This premium tequila is rather difficult to find. It has a very rich, deep, and complex taste, and it’s smooth yet powerful.

Cristalino Tequila

The Cristalino Tequila taste resembles a combination of Blanco tequila and Anejo tequila. It’s an aged tequila but also filtered, usually with charcoal.

What to Consider When Buying Tequila

First, note the smell. The smell makes up 80% of our sense of taste. Then sip, and taste it. There is no arguing about tastes, but there are some points to follow when choosing a tequila. You need to test several to select your favorite.

Generally, if you prefer drinks like rum, whiskey, or bourbon, choose an aged tequila. Aged tequila typically has a smoother, fuller flavor than other types. After you adopt, you can move down to the more clean-cut, agave-tasting tequilas, like the Reposado and Blanco. The production process and the aging define the taste, and you choose a tequila style that fits your taste better.

Some people also pay attention to branding and bottle shapes, and some are even led by brand loyalty. So all of these decisions are mainly up to personal preference. Typically, the more Anejo tequila is, the more expensive it is. But still, there are also many premium Blanco tequilas! The prices of tequilas have an extremely wide range, from $20 bottles to hundreds to even millions.

Tips for Storing Tequila

Keep this Mexican Liquor in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight to preserve the flavors and aromas. Proper sealing will extend its shelf life of tequila and preserve the quality. This will stop the oxidation that gradually ruins the flavors and smells. Don’t store tequila in the refrigerator or freezer because its flavor and scent could change.

Common Misconceptions About Tequila

  • Tequila ages well in a bottle – No, because when spirits are taken out of barrels and put into bottles, they stop maturing. The tequila quality can drop after five years in an unopened bottle.
  • Tequila has an expiration date  – Tequila won’t go bad, but over time it could lose some of its flavor and quality. This will happen only if the tequila is opened for an extended time frame, not stored properly, and exposed to air.
  • Aged tequila has better quality – This is not true because the best Mexican tequila brands all offer amazing Blanco tequilas. Some people prefer the Blanco to the aged one.
  • Tequila should only be served with salt and lime or lemon – Absolutely not! This is a more amateur way of taking tequila. In Mexico, tequila is sipped straight up.

Top Mexican Tequilas for Every Budget

Tequila is becoming one of the most famous liqueurs worldwide. The tequila sales volume in the US alone was 29.868 liters in thousand 9-liter cases in 2022. There is a vast selection of tequilas on the market, and we all know that the best Mexican tequila is a must in each liquor cabinet.

As vast as the tequila choice is, there are wide-ranging tequila prices accordingly. We did detailed research on the tequila market and considered many aspects of creating this list, from quality, price, brand recognition, and production region to the award-winners, ratings, and much more. Here is a curated list of the best Mexican tequila for every budget, ranging from affordable to premium.

Affordable Tequilas


Have you heard that there can be a luxury in simplicity? Tequila can testify in favor of this life lesson. When choosing the best Mexican tequila that suits your tastes, price is something to consider. There is some amazing top-notch tequila if you don’t mind spending more. There are also some great affordable tequilas that are actually pretty good too!

El Jimador Reposado Tequila 

Price: $21.99

Coming from: Mexico

Alc: 80 proof (Vol. 40%)

El Jimador Reposado is created with hand-picked Blue Weber agave. It is then fermented naturally and double-distilled. The process continues with 2-3 months of aging in oak barrels. It’s a very affordable tequila with a mild smoky taste and caramel undertone.

El Jimador Mexican tequilas are famous and widespread worldwide, and the El Jimador Reposado is one of the best Mexican tequila that comes at a very affordable price. You can sip it straight up or mix it with a nice Paloma cocktail. Combine 1 oz El Jimador Silver Tequila, a pinch of salt, and a bit of fresh lime juice, and top it off with Grapefruit Soda.

Sauza Silver Tequila

Price: $16.2

Coming from: Jalisco, Mexico

Alc: 80 proof (40% ABV)

This tequila comes at a low price, and even though it is not the smoothest Mexican tequila, it’s a great budget-friendly choice. There are mild aromas of alcohol, agave, lime, and black pepper.

The Silves Sauza is made with Blue Variety Tequilana Weber Agave and goes through a special process called formulation-fermentation. Sauza was the first exported tequila and is still one of the most-selling Mexican tequila brands.

This tequila is light and the best fit to mix in a nice affordable cocktail option. Going for a Classic Margarita is always a good idea, so use a cocktail shaker and combine:

  • 2 oz. Silver Sauza tequila
  • 1 oz. Triple Sec Liqueur
  • 1 oz. fresh lime juice
  • some ice

Shake off nicely and strain into a cocktail glass over more fresh ice. Use salt to rim the glass and lime for garnish.

Lunazul Anejo Tequila

Price: $22.99

Coming from: Jalisco, Mexico

Alc: 80 proof (40% ABV)

The Lunazul Anejo Tequila is aged tequila made from Tequilana Weber agave that is gentle to your pockets. It’s cooked in high pressure and the fermentation is done in stainless steel tanks. The tequila is distilled twice to get the final product. It has oak, whisky, black pepper, and alcohol aromas, with vanilla and caramel smoky flavor. It is quite hot and peppery in the mouth.

It tastes better when cut with some salt and lime. Use it as a mixer tequila to do a twist on a famous cocktail. We suggest the Anejo Old Fashioned:

  • 3 oz. Lunazul Anejo Tequila
  • 1/4 oz. agave nectar
  • 1 dash of Angostura bitters
  • a bit of orange peel.

Use a mixing glass to combine the agave nectar, bitters, and orange peel, and add the tequila and ice and stir. To make it pretty, add a nice brandied cherry as a garnish.

Corralejo Reposado Tequila

Price: $31.99

Coming from: Mexico

Alc: 80 proof (40% ABV)

The Corralejo Reposado is one of the best Mexican-owned tequila, created with 100% blue weber agave. It’s aged in barrels made of a mix of different wood types like the French, American, and Encino oak. It is distilled twice and has citrus aromas – lime and grapefruit. It’s also rich with undertones of vanilla and pepper hints. The feel is smooth, smokey, and clean-cut.

It’s a perfect tequila to take a shot or have it neat, but also it’s one of the best tequilas made in Mexican. Use the Corralejo Reposado to prepare the following cocktails by combining:

  • 1 ½ oz. of Corralejo Reposado
  • ½ oz. lime juice
  • ½ oz. of honey syrup

Add 2 or 3 jalapeño slices and top it all with a ginger beer. Tasty!

Mid-Range Tequilas

There are numerous excellent tequilas available at mid-range prices. All of these tequilas are well-rounded and offer great money value. So, what is a good, reasonably priced tequila? Below you’ll find the best Mexican tequila choices.

Don Julio 70 Cristalino Tequila

Price: $69.49

Coming from: Mexico

Alc: 80 proof (40% ABV)

Don Julio 70 Cristalino is the first Anejo claro tequila in the world, which means a clear tequila. It remains bold and smooth, with notes of toasted oak, and the sweet vanilla and honey. It’s made with 100% Blue Weber Agave and kept for 18 months in American white-oak barrels, after which it’s filtered through charcoal. Its uniqueness pushed it up on our list, and it’s one of the best Mexican tequila alternatives.

It is rich with floral, agave, vanilla, and oak smells and can be served neat or on the rocks. We recommend a cool and simple Don Julio 70 and soda cocktail. Take a highball glass and pour a shot of Don Julio 70. Top it off with sparkling water and use a fresh orange slice as garnish.

Casamigos Reposado

Price: $54.99

Coming from: Jalisco, Mexico

Alc: 80 proof (40% ABV)

A Reposado tequila aged for seven months, rich in aromas of cocoa and caramel. It has a note of oak coming from the white oak barrels where it was aging. It spreads out nice scents of vanilla, maple, and spices. This tequila is made from hand-picked blue agave plants and it’s made with a slow cooking method. The taste is sweet and very pleasant.

The Casamigos Reposado is good to have neat or on the rocks, but you can also prepare a cocktail. To make the Spicy Cilantro Margarita, you’ll need the following:

  • 1.5 oz. Casamigos Reposado Tequila
  • 0.75 oz. pineapple juice
  • 0.5 oz. fresh lime juice
  • 0.25 oz. simple syrup
  • a few cilantro leaves
  • 2 serrano slices.

Shake all ingredients together and prepare the glass rim with sugar, salt, and dried cilantro. Strain the cocktail and garnish with a pineapple leaf or a slice of serrano.

Herradura Anejo Tequila

Price: $50.99

Coming from: Amatitán, Mexico

Alc: 80 proof (40% ABV)

Herradura Añejo is a famous Mexican tequila that rests in American white oak casks for 25 months. This is longer than the typical Añejo tequila, which is why we included it in the list as one of the best Mexican tequila. Its taste is smooth, and you can feel aromas from toasted oak and dried fruits.

Made with 100% agave and natural spring water, it has gone through open-air fermentation in stainless steel tanks, and it’s double distilled. The taste is lightly sweet and filled with vanilla and butterscotch notes. It gives the impression and feel of a bold yet smooth alcohol.

This Añejo is great to just sip straight up in a nice flute or whiskey glass. You can pour it over some rocks too! If you like to have it with a twist, here is a cocktail recipe you can try. El Duelo is made with 2 parts Herradura Añejo tequila, a bit of fresh lime juice, agave nectar, and tamarind nectar to taste. Rim half the glass with chilly, shake all ingredients, and strain.

Tequila Casa Dragones Blanco

Price: $72.99

Coming from: Tequila, Mexico

Alc: 80 proof (40% ABV)

The Casa Dragones Tequila is produced from 100% blue agave in small batches and is one of the best Mexican-owned tequila. This Blanco tequila gives out a great pure taste with a good balance between crisp and smooth. It’s filled with grapefruit notes and green apple, pepper, and almond undertones.

It’s a sophisticated drink to have on the rocks. Yet a nice craft cocktail sounds nice too. Our cocktail pick for this tequila is the Crypto Tonic. Mix the following ingredients:

  • 1 oz. Casa Dragones Blanco
  • ½ oz. Ancho Verde
  • ¾ oz. of Dry Vermouth
  • ½ oz. of lime
  • 2 oz. tonic

Dry shake, pour in a tall glass, top it off with tonic, and garnish with a slice of lime.

Premium Tequilas

mexican tequila

The premium tequila rank has been trending for the past 10 years. The famous Mexican liquor is now being appreciated worldwide by enthusiasts. Premium tequila has a refined, smooth, and luscious taste and smell. If you like high-quality, rich, and deep drinks, we give you some of the best Mexican tequila choices at the premium level.

Don Julio 1942

Price: $169.99

Coming from: Jalisco Highlands, Mexico

Alc: 80 proof (40% ABV)

The handcrafted Don Julio 1942 Anejo Tequila is made in small batches but sold around the globe. The aging process takes 2.5 years to complete. The flavors of warm oak, roasted agave, and lush vanilla finish make this one of the best Mexican tequila in the premium category. It’s made from the finest 100 blue weber agave in one of the best agave-growing regions.

In addition, this is an award-winning tequila. At the 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Don Julio 1942 Anejo Tequila won a gold medal. At the 2020 Drinks International Awards, it was selected amongst the Top Trending Tequilas.

What is unique is the NOM number on each bottle, proving a seal of authenticity. This high-quality tequila is a simple drink, and it is ideal to have it neat or on the rocks for a lux experience. You can also whip up a posh cocktail like the Anejo Manhattan. Using a mixing glass, stir the following:

  • 2oz Don Julio Anejo
  • 1 oz Sweet Vermouth
  • 2 dashes of Angostura
  • an orange peel twist
  • some ice

Clase Azul Reposado Tequila

Price: $169.99

Coming from: Santa Maria Canchesda, Mexico

Alc: 80 proof (40% ABV)

Clase Azul Tequila Reposado is a tequila that stands out on the shelf. It has a unique design and decanter, reflecting Mexican culture and tradition. Each Clase Azul bottle is hand-painted cobalt blue. It’s made with Blue Weber Agave with a slow-cooking technique. This tequila is made with a special distillation process, which gives it its purity.

This reposado-style tequila is filled with bursting flavors of hazelnut and vanilla. You can feel the aromas of agave syrup, candied orange peel, oak cinnamon, and banana. It’s aged in American whiskey barrels for 8 months. The Clase Azul Reposado has a smooth finish, and it’s surely one of the best Mexican tequila offering a unique appearance and a refined taste. If you want to feel all the flavors and aromas, pour yourself a neat Clase Azul Reposado or put it on rocks.

However, if you want to mix it up, prepare yourself a Tequila Sunrise. You’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 1½ oz. Clase Azul Tequila Reposado
  • ¾ c. fresh orange juice
  • 1½ oz. Grenadine syrup
  • Maraschino cherry
  • a slice of orange to garnish.

Shake or stir the tequila and orange juice and pour it over ice in a tall glass. Gently add the grenadine and let it fall into the glass bottom. Garnish and enjoy.

Reserva De La Familia Extra Añejo – Jose Cuervo

Price: $189.99

Coming from: Tequila, Mexico

Alc: 80 proof (40% ABV)

Reserva de la Familia Extra-Añejo comes from the Cuervo family of tequilas. This is an award-winning complex liquor made with 100% blue agave and produced in limited quantities. It is a double gold medal winner at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The Reserva de la Familia Extra-Anejo tequila is handcrafted and cooked in the distillery for 48 hours and rested in French and American Oak casks. This luxury artisanal tequila is made in small batches, has a dark amber color, and is filled with aromas of oak, almonds, olives, cinnamon, and apple. Has a deep flavor that gives undertones of toasted almonds and vanilla. Also, the packaging of each bottle is done by hand and wax-sealed with the Cuervo family crest.

To get the full spectrum of tastes and smells, you should serve it in a tequila flute. This drink deserves to be enjoyed straight up, but if you are a cocktail lover, you can try the Golden Margarita. Rim the glass with salt, and combine:

  • 1 1/2 oz. Jose Cuervo Extra-Anejo tequila
  • 1 oz. of orange liqueur
  • 1 oz. fresh lime juice
  • 1 oz. sour mix
  • some orange juice
  • garnish with a slice of lime

Tips on Properly Serving and Enjoying Tequila

Tequila, famously known as a party shot, has been rebranding itself in the past decade. The tequila market has a rising yearly trend and a promising future. The consumption of high-end tequila has quadrupled since 2012 in the US.

Spirit experts and enthusiasts have finally started appreciating tequila as a liqueur that deserves to be enjoyed neat. Tequila makes up some of the best cocktails, and it should remain that way, but one can experience tequila in other ways too.

The most famous way to drink tequila is out of a shot glass, and for some occasions like parties, it can be the appropriate way to drink tequila. However, the aromas and flavors of the tequila cannot be sensed when drinking tequila from a shot glass.

The best glass to have neat tequila is flute glass. You’ll be able to sense all the smells, undertones, and flavors of the liquor. The beautiful smell and taste of the agave make tequila a special drink.

Neat or on the Rocks

Generally, more refined to-notch tequilas should be served neat or on the rocks. This is a proper way to enjoy a good Mexican tequila. Apart from a flute glass, a whiskey glass also does tequila justice, especially if you choose the best Mexican tequila.

Tequila With a Twist

You can mix things up with some citrus fruits to spice things up but still have a neat drink. Add a peel twist or a slice of fruit, and you can even have it with a bit of salt. Some tequila enthusiasts argue that the salt and citrus fruit mask the real tequila taste, while some say that it enhances it.



If you like a fun drink, go for a Classic Margarita with a salt rim on the glass, La Paloma, Tequila Sunrise, a nice old-fashioned tequila, or some other tasty tequila cocktail. We advise you not to pick the frozen types, as it covers the real taste of tequila.


There are many types of Mexican drink, but tequila leads the way. With this carefully curated guide, you can confidently select the ideal Mexican tequila that fits your taste and your budget too. You can have a new tequila experience and appreciate a good tequila in style.

We’ve made an amazing selection from mid-range best Mexican-owned tequila like Dragones Blanco tequila to the most widespread and famous pocket-friendly options like El Jimador, Sauza, and Lanazul, and the unique Cristalino-Don Julio 70 tequila. Let’s not forget the flavorful Casamigos and Corralejo tequilas. And, of course, the premiums Jose Cuervo Reserva De La Familia Extra Añejo, Clase Azul Reposado Tequila, and Don Julio 1942.

There are many more amazing tequilas out there, so when choosing the right fit for you, take into account your taste. Firstly select which tequila style you like, whether Blanco, Reposado, or Anejo, and then go into bands to pick out the best Mexican tequila for you. Don’t wait much longer, make your pick from our list, and add a nice tequila to your liquor cabinet to impress your guests and enjoy a great drink in Mexican style!

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