5 Ways to Score Hotel Accommodations on the Cheap

For those who are traveling on a budget, it’s a common practice to scrimp on the accommodations. After all, you’ll mostly be spending your time sightseeing and attending shows. You won’t be in your hotel room until the wee hours of the evening once you’ve completely had your fill of the city you’re visiting. Still, once in a while, we’d like to stay in great accommodations that won’t break the bank.

How do we do that? By finding great hotel deals through patiently researching and asking the right questions. For example, nice hotels with a view of the Space Needle in Seattle can be really expensive. But do you know that you can have a room overlooking that gorgeous site by simply asking the hotel for a discount? Yes, this actually works.

Most hotels have readily prepared coupons and promo codes for those who are brave enough to ask for them. The discount might not be that big, especially if you’re traveling during the peak season, but asking for a discount is a surefire way to get one. Here are five other ways you can score great hotel deals for your next travel:

Buy Someone Else’s Reservations

Ever booked a hotel but wasn’t able to go through with the reservation? Either you end up paying the whole fee anyway or the hotel will charge you a minimal fee for the cancellation. Either way, you lost money that you weren’t supposed to spend anymore. People who find themselves unable to cancel a reservation they have made months ago are willing to transfer the reservation at a discounted price. Many offer hotel rooms for up to 75% discount.

Sign Up for Savings

Sure, you don’t want to receive emails and newsletters from hotels and booking websites. That’s why you don’t sign up for memberships. But do you know you’re losing a lot of credit and discounts by not signing up? A lot of booking websites will give first-time bookers a huge discount. Take advantage of this. You can click unsubscribe afterwards if you still don’t feel like receiving news and updates.

Book in Advance

Booking in advance can get you great discounts, sometimes up to even 30% off! You can book months before your travel date or at least a week before. This will save you from having to pay for the more expensive room because you have decided to book a day before your actual flight. This usually happens to people who are on their way to attend a huge festival. Rooms are almost always full weeks before Coachella takes place, for example.

Travel During Off-peak Season

If you’re not picky about the destinations, you should travel only during the off-season. In New York, for example, springtime tends to be really expensive, while winter of November to January is for low-budget travelers. You can usually score great hotel deals during the off-season as hotels find it hard to fill up their rooms.

Ask for a Price Match

Hotel room or apartment doorway with open door and bedroom in background

Some hotels are willing to match the price their competitors are offering. If you are really set on staying in a particular hotel, find how much its competitors are charging for the same type of room. You can then ask the original hotel to match the price their competitors are offering. Maybe you won’t get it as cheap, but you’ll definitely score a discounted price.

Choosing your travel accommodation shouldn’t be put off for the last minute. Even though you won’t be staying in the hotel that long, it’s nice to know you’re leaving your valuables in a secure location. Also, doesn’t it feel good to stay in a luxurious place after you have spent the day walking all around the city? Hence, get those negotiation tactics ready and find the best deals for your vacation.

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